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Deep tissue massage addison texas

Body Work Facial

A light facial, shoulders, upper back, neck, scalp, arms legs, hands, feet.  I use an unscented oil & facial products for this process.  Melt away stress from leaning over a desk, driving all day, & being a week end warrior in a 1 hour session, or in a 1 1/2 hour session.  1 hr is $55, and each additional 1/2 hr is $25. 

Body Scrubs Sea salt & organic olive oil lotion are the key ingredients in this service.  Delete dead skin, enhance circulation, & detox all at the same time with this service.  $45 

Back Facials  This is just about the same service for the back, that you would do for the face.  Many of us have several impurities contaminating the skin in this area due to just lack of reach.  $50.  Black heads can also be removed for an additional fee, depending on the amount.   

Deep Tissue Foot MassageReflexology anyone?  Did u know that just by working on the hands & feet alone, that you can work on every part of your Body?  It is TRUE!  Melt your pain & cares away with this awesome service. $55 per hour  $35 for 1/2 an hour.   

Self Tanning Sessions  Did u miss a spot the last time u tried to do it yourself?  Have it done here at my salon, & it will be taken care of.  This is great to do after the body scrub.  Self tanning session includes the lotion that I use for this service for you to take home & touch up your beautiful tan.