Basic & Galvanic Facials in Addison & Dallas TX



A lot of people think that facials are just a “feel good” service. That they are just for pampering, & making one feel cared for. Well, yes, they feel good, but WOW! Can your skin really benefit from this service. Especially depending on which one you choose.

Facials in Addison Texas

Basic Facial
This facial is made to flush out impurities in the skin, Remove & reduce black heads, Exfoliate & treat the skin accordingly with the proper mask, depending on your skins needs. This is also the ideal facial to prep & prepare a client for a good daily regimen so that your skin can improve DRASTICALLY! So some might think, well, after that, why come back for another facial? The main reason is you can reevaluate what comes next. Our skin changes with age, environment, activity, & even the seasons. You may need to drop certain products, or pick others up in order to make progress. I highly recommend having a facial once a week, but if that is out of your reach, once a month is fine also. Think of it as a face physical, to cleanse & balance. Then you do the daily skin care in between to maintain until your next visit.

Galvanic Facial

If you are looking for a age defying facial, this is the treatment for you. How long have fine lines been creeping in, & sun damage starting to show? Are you noticing some sagging in some areas? Is your eye area in desperate need of attention, but most treatments say “Avoid the eye area”? Well then this is something you need to try! Galvanic facials are the newest & latest technology to turn your skin around, & reverse ALL of the signs of aging. See some of the before & after shots below. And, since the skin care company that offers this product is traded on the stock market, they are not allowed to change, alter, or retouch any of their promotional photos due to FCC regulations. Galvanic facial consists of a light cleanse, & toning of the skin, then a prep gel for the face. Then we do 5 minutes of Galvanic treatment, & then remove the product. Next, a application of the Galvanic gel is next. Then a 5 minute treatment. Next we will do a 2 minute treatment w the galvanic facial equipment for all of your fine lines. Then a simple application of a moisturizer made for your skin, & then you are ready to face the world! A 25 minute treatment that makes such a huge difference in your skins suppleness, & texture. And, if you choose, you can purchase the equipment, & do these treatments at home for a even more fabulous price.

Treatments Mircodermabrasion – How would you like to remove all of the dead skin from your face all in one shot, & be able to get more out of the products that you spend your hard earned money on? When dead cell are removed, you can use less of your products & be just as effective too! When our products & treatments have to go through a layer of dead skin cells to work, then there is less product to treat the skin that will truly benefit from the treatments that you are doing. Galvanic Body Spa Treatments – How would you like to be able to do the same thing for your body that you do for your face with the galvanic facial spa? Galvanic body spa treatments work with the skin & cells with a current that is 10 times stronger than the galvanic facial spa. This service can reduce cellulite, tighten sagging skin, & re-texture the skin. These treatments are recommended for 2 times a week, but, once again, I can show you how to purchase this equipment & do the treatments yourself at a fabulous price per treatment, & make a HUGE difference in your body line & contour. Masks & Glycolic Acid Peels – The right mask mixture for your skin can greatly improve your skins texture, pores, & its moisture content. Many are available, & some times more than one is necessary for a facial at a slight additional charge. Maintenance for Galvanic facials is a little different. If it is in your schedule, twice a week is advised.