Hair Color & Highlights in Dallas & Addison, TX


There are three key methods of highlighting. Foil, balayage, & cap. Foil is using small sections of hair blocked off with good sectioning, that are colored using foil for each individual sections of hair. Sound complicated? For a good well experienced hair dresser, it is easy as pie. To someone who does not know what they are doing, it can be a nightmare. Balayage is a technique for taking small sections of hair, applying different colors at the same time, & lightly swishing the colors through the hair for a multi tonal effect. WARNING – Some colors cannot be done with balayage. If they are too light for the base color of the hair, it can make a big mess & not process evenly. A good colorist can best direct you on this. Cap is done for clients who want one color done, & want a quick & easy highlight. Highlights can be done with 1 to 3 colors along with base color, or on top of your natural color. Yes, you can do 4 or 5 colors, but quite frankly, I don’t like to because at that point there can be so much going on in your hair that it does not provide the same depth to the color. Most clients choose a high, medium, & a lowlight color when doing 3 colors. When clients are doing 2 colors, it is usually a highlight & a lowlight. Most do not go with a medium color along with lowlights and highlights, unless they are not getting base color done. For clients receiving 1 color for their highlights, it is either a highlight or a lowlight.

Hair Color & Highlights in Addison Texas

LowlightsWhat are lowlights? Sometimes, as we highlight hair, the ends can start getting a little too light. It is good to throw a few lows in there every once in a while so that the hair has a little more depth, breaking up the blonde. When having lowlights done, never let a hair dresser use a cap to low light the hair. The hair ends up looking muddy, and it is a giant mess to fix. The most that should be done is a few foils of lowlights on the ends of a cap highlight. This procedure should be done doing foil, or balayage only.


Base ColorBase color can be done 2 ways. You can do it 1st, shampoo it out, then highlight. Or the whole head can be highlighted up in foils, & then the base color done in between the foils. As long as process time will not interfere with the timing on your highlights, it can be done this way, saving time for the client & the colorist.