Hair Extensions in Addison – Dallas, TX

Whether you just want length, fullness, or both, I can accommodate you on all levels of hair extensions. My salon uses Tony Ashido Extensions exclusively for the best results & truest colors that will not fade or go dull after shampooing. Plus, I only use remi quality hair. What is remi quality?

Hair Extensions Addison TexasRemi hair is hair that is all layered the same direction so that the cuticle of the hairs all flowing the same direction. Why is this SO important? Well, if hair is latex with opposite flowing cuticles, it bunches, & tangles very easily. In fact, it is nothing but trouble. I have seen some of the biggest hot messes of my career from bad extensions! You can also add in just a few pieces of a highlight color, usually for under $50, or we can do feathers, or jewels as add ins to your current style. A little pop of color, or some pretty add ins can accent any style to look more glamorous or just more graceful. Come in & see what a difference instant length on your hair can make! It is instant gratification in its best form! Hair extensions are for more than special occasions, they can make your hair glamorous for everyday living! Hair extensions are $120 per hour to apply, plus the cost of the hair. Hair runs from $120-$500 depending on what you are going for.