Hair Stylists in Addison & Dallas Texas


Looking for a great hair stylist in Addison or Dallas, Texas? Addison Park Place Salons in Addison has many haircut styles to choose from. Call us at 972-345-1790 for an appointment with a consultant to find what is best for you.

Hair Styles in Dallas & Addison TX


Best Hair Stylist in Dallas & Addison TX

Hair Styles

People often ask us, “What is in right now?”  Our main answer… “I don’t know! What do YOU like!?!”  Lol… it drives people crazy some times.  But that is the great thing about hair, It is bendable, moldable, & pliable.  You can make it do what ever you want it to do, with the right products, & cut of course! So whether you want updo’s, curls, strait, or soft flowing hair, let’s sit & consult to find what we are going to do for your next design. Then maybe you can add some pictures?