Infared Sauna in Addison – Dallas, TX

This gadget is the latest new tool for health & wellness in our salon. The far infrared sauna by Sunlighten is the latest technology in saunas for the Unites States. Far infrared sauna technology has so many benefits for the health & wellness of the body.

infared sauna Addison texasHere are benefit logistics on far infrared technology:Detoxification: Detox from a Sunlighten sauna is usually 20% toxins, & 80% water. While other sauna systems only provide 8% detoxification, & 92% water. Pain Relief: Researchers studying HRP (Heat responsive pain) have observed remarkable therapeutic benefits from Infrared technology on low levels for treating arthritis, back, & neck pain. Weight loss: A 30 minute session can burn from 200-600 calories. That is amazing! Burn calories while laying still! Infrared heat increases heart rate, circulation, & sweat, resulting in weight loss!Lowers Blood Pressure: Repeated sessions improves impaired blood vessel function in people w high blood pressure, diabetes, & high cholesterol. This study was done at the University of Missouri Kansas City. Sessions can prevent arteriosclerosis, & Help your circulation. Improvement of Circulation: By increasing the blood flow w infrared heat, you increase the circulation also. Increasing circulation in the body helps the body to allow wounds to heal faster, decrease inflammation, decrease pain, & speed the healing process in the body. Skin Purification: When the skin is allowed to sweat to purify itself, wounds can heal faster with reduced scaring & skin retains its elasticity, suppleness,(which helps w the appearance of cellulite) & clears the pores. It can also help with acne, eczema, psoriasis,& contact dermatitis areas of the skin.For more information, go to You can see a host of different products this company makes!