Makeup Artist & Bridal Makeup in Addison – Dallas TX

Makeup sessions can be done for any occasion, and can also be done with or without a facial previously. In fact, some ca ail services should not be followed with make up at all, due to the procedure of chemical peels, or some more aggressive services like microdermabrasion.

Makeup is a womans best friend

Whether you are going for a natural look, glammed out, or for special effects makeup, this could be your one stop shop for it. I use several top of the line cosmetic lines to achieve different looks. I have 21 years of experience in the business, studying under some of the best artists in the world, so doing bridal & special occasion makeup is something I take special pride in, & I love the challenge. Bring on your bridezillas! But, I might be inclined to charge them extra! I am not a hard core professional in special effects, but, I do believe I can do some things that might amaze your friends for Halloween! And yes… U crazy cross dressers out there, I can hook u up too! Not only can makeup be done for you for your special occasion, I can also do a makeup lesson for you. Some clients also like to bring in what make up they have, & have me work with that, & then we go through & fill in the gaps on what they should have for a great look for every day, & for special occasions. Some people already have plenty of tools, they just don’t know how to use them! And if you have a daughter who is at that age, and is ready to do her makeup, but might need a little assistance, well bring her in. I can do a class to accommodate you both!