Women’s Haircuts in Addison, TX


The female face & body is a delicate thing. It is surprising as to how many professionals don’t want to take the time to consult with a client, & to truly understand how a person’s hair lays naturally. It is important to bring the hair to a point where it is easy to style. We have heard from so many people through the years, ” I just can’t work with my hair. Why can’t I make it look good at home?”

 Womens Hair Cuts in Addison Texas

There are no stylists at Addison Park Place Salons who take pride in someone saying ” I just can’t make my hair look the same way it looks when you do it.” To us, a woman’s hair needs to fit her life style, & her ability to maintain it herself. Your hair should be your crowning glory, not a ball & chain of despair when it comes to styling it yourself at home.

Womens Haircuts in Dallas & Addison Texas

Sure, if you want to come in & pay us to do it for you, we are all for it. But you will also be given something from us that you can achieve on your own! With the right tools, products, & cut, you should have no problem styling your hair. And if you need a lesson on using your flat iron, or how to work effectively with a set of rollers to get the look you want, just ask! Part of our job is to educate you on how to make your hair manageable. So do your best to stump us, we love a challenge!


Womens Hair Cuts In Addison & Dallas Texas